"Being a parent is the easiest job in the world!"
Said no one. 

Also, poop. P-O-O-P. You've learned that this has become a word you use on the daily, perhaps several times a day even. Am I right or amiright?

"Did he poop today?" 
"OMG she hasn't pooped in a week!"
"Time for that suppository kiddo..."
"Sh*t. I'm covered in sh*t."

 And heck, your kid's favorite word is even poop - everything is poopy this and poopy that. And we're pretty damn sure that at some point, you've been pooped on too, now that you're a parent. Oh and also, you've probably had those moments where your kid refuses to leave your side so they've joined you in the bathroom while you're taking a dump. I mean, too bad for them but when you gotta go you gotta go.

Did we make you laugh out loud? Good. And welcome!

Now don't get us wrong, we didn't want you to read that and be all, are these two moms for real serious? Like, you're going to start your About Us page talking about sh*t and how it revolves around your life? Ya, sorry! It kinda does! Ha! But anyways, enough about poop, In all seriousness we just like to be real. We know that being a parent is some hardcore bad-assery ish y'all. We have bad days just like everyone else, and when the good days come they're pretty freaking amazing. Our petit ones rock our world, yes? Do we always know what the heck we are doing? No. But I mean, we're rookie moms and learning as we go. And no, we don't always have answers. And yes, we get judged for our parenting styles just like the rest of 'em. But we're not gonna judge you for being here and reading our cool blog (at least we think it's cool!) - we just want you to stick around and hang out with us so we can tell you about stuff that we like. And what works for us. Tell you about cheap and cute stuff that we find and wanna share with you. You gotta look cute and so do your petit ones right? Ok, fine. We'll even tell you about the expensive stuff that we like, but don't tell your husband that we told you. Shoot. If you buy it, you better have those packages shipped to your office if you know your husband is gonna be home! J/k ;) We want to tell you about stuff we like to cook, eat and drink, Oh yea let us tell you bout them dranks! Ha! Come on, sometimes a little booze can help you get through it. You want that glass of wine before 11AM? Go on with yo self mama! Like we said, we're not judging here. And please, if you're here to judge us on grammatical errs and the use of popular language, no one is asking you to stay here and read. Cause ain't no one got time fo dat. Everyone can have an opinion on life in general and parenting styles, but remember, we're being real here in our space and we're not trying to publish a book or anything. Ok, maybe one day? When we don't have to talk about poop so much? ;)

Who is running this joint?
Amanda Justice + Jess Bright

About Amanda
Mom to petit one Olivia Jane.

About Jess
^^Sorry guys, my Instagram is private. Cause I am paranoid with my ish like that.^^
Mama to petit ones Edison Sterling and Madeline Elinora.

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