Monday, September 7, 2015

Hello September!

Oh sweet, sweet September. We wait for your dear arrival every year. September is quite a special month for us over here at Petit Republic blog. We started up our blog two years ago - minus the one year hiatus, sorry y'all - with the idea of sharing all of our DIY's, recipes, deals, and party planning into our own little corner of the internet. We might be a small blog, not as big as other lifestyle blogs, but everyday we continue to dream and share this space with y'all. We love that people take the time out of their day to stop by and read a bit. It really means the world to us to be able to share the wealth, and hopefully inspire some of our readers with all the cool stuffs out there.

The month of September also means early celebrations of Halloween! I mean, since we became moms - the hype over this holiday has completely done us in. Any excuse we can make to dress up our petit ones in costume and then take their cute little bums trick-or-treating, only then to get into their candy stash once they've gone to sleep. I mean, who are we kidding, they can't eat all of that chocolate themselves?! Ha!

Last year, we attended Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Disney's Magic Kingdom, and we had such a blast that we decided it was a must-have ongoing September tradition. Since we heard that this event gets crazy all through the month of October, we totally book the tickets in September! Stay tuned for obnoxious Disney Halloween photos, because it's that much of a good time! If you have never been to this Disney event, can we just say that we highly recommend it?! The parade, the fireworks, the Halloween themed treats, and cute kids in costume? PLUS handfuls of the candy?'s the good candy at that! Disney ain't stingy when it comes to that!

And aside to September marking the start of the changing of seasons (not really in Florida, haha!) and early Halloween celebrations, September is a huge birthday month for the kiddos in the Petit family! In addition to the blog's "birthday" - both Edison and Olivia are September babies! Edison will be 4 and Olivia will be 3. Amanda and Craig have already felt the effects of a possible threenager-to-be, and Jess and Bill are crossing their fingers that their current threenager happens to outgrow his tantrums and whiny-ness. These kids are lucky they're so damn cute. But man, we sure do love them.

So here's to September, peeps! While we sit here sweating and envying those of you who actually get to see the seasons change and put on your cute fall clothes and boots, we'll be toasting our grande PSL to you in 90 degree weather and sending you our thank yous for reading our bloggity blog. :)

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