Thursday, July 2, 2015

We Tried That DIY | Wooden Trivets

By Amanda. Hooray! Another DIY! Just kidding. Let's be real for a minute - I'm the type of person that hates, underscore hates, making things. I'd rather pay for anything than make it myself. However, as of late I've been trying my damnedest at DIY's and surprisingly I'm loving them more and more. So today, I'm going back to my leftover wooden beads from the DIY Copper Plant Hanger post and making them into trivets I found on Pinterest. Pray for me...

First we need our supplies (everything I used will be listed below)
Next paint your beads in your desired colors/patterns.
Then you're going to string your beads through twine.
And finally the end result!

The verdict: As pretty as it is, I don't think they are practical. I tried putting a glass pitcher on the trivet and it kept rolling around. Personally, it doesn't seem safe either. I have a feeling the paint will stick to a pot or a table once it's touched with a hot item. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give this DIY a thumbs down. :( 

Here's what you'll need:

Twine - Target Dollar Section
Paint - Martha Stewart - Michaels

Share with us if you've tried this type of DIY and if it worked for you!

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