Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summertime Cravings

Just like boozy popsicles and BBQs, these summer time things are currently making us all sorts of giddy inside. 

Birkenstock's - What!? Yes. I have without a doubt fallen victim to this comeback and I just can't get enough of it. Whenever I mention these sandals I get the wide-eyed emoji stare and wrinkled nose look. They really aren't that bad guys, I promise! I currently have this pair and they are definitely worth the price. The comfort in these sandals are unbeatable, and they can virtually be worn with anything.
Saltwater Sandals - Olivia had a few pairs of these last summer and we just loved, loved, loved them. I'm tempted to get her this pair for summer this year. But wait, they aren't just for kids!! I actually own 2 pairs of them for myself and they are cute, girly, and perfect for any occasion.

Bronzer - Bronzer for dayssss. I've heard nothing but rave reviews on this Chanel one, but with a price tag like that, this Sonia Kashuk one is very comparable and at a more affordable price.

Picnic Blanket - I haven't found a picnic/beach blanket that has caught my eye just yet this year, but this one from Walmart is all sorts of cute, and you can't beat that price!

Succulent Planters - We just recently moved and I've been going bananas over potted plants and succulents. I love finding fun little mugs or pots to put them in, and this one from Urban Outfitters is the perfect one for a little CATcus...get it? Bad mom joke.

Contigo Jackson Water Bottle - h20 on the rocks? Why yes please! Hit me up baby! And make it a double. ;) I am pretty diligent about getting in my water intake on most days, especially with nursing. Once I was a religious CamelBak fan, but I found replacing those valves to get a little costly especially considering how much I had to pay for a decent reusable bottle in the first place. And I just can't be a fan with those valves getting particularly nasty no matter how diligent I was with cleaning those suckers, so I switched to this water bottle while I was pregnant with Madeline, and honestly I haven't gone back to any other bottle since. Since it's summer time and so damn hot these days, I'm considering getting another one in a fun color so I can just keep sipping everywhere I go! I like adding fresh fruit or True Lemon/True Lime to my water to give it some flavor - and see below...HA!

True Lemon - Ok, so while this is all about summer time cravings - I am not gonna lie. I am a citrus fiend all day erryday, and if you know me, I love to put lemon on errythang. Fa realz. I add it to my water bottles (I do half a packet per bottle so it's not too tart) and I cook with this stuff and have added it to homemade sugar scrubs, that is - when I've already gone through my bag of lemons. Yea that happens to me. I'm that woman that uses that many lemons. A bag a week? Sounds about right. What I love about True Lemon is it's easy to take with you anywhere. Thanks to True Lemon I'm not that weird lady pulling out ziplock baggies of her own sliced lemons. Don't judge! I also love True Lime and True Orange. I told you man, citrus fiend. Carry on.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector - So I love this balm. I don't have time for lipstick or pretty lip glosses, and honestly, I love laying smooches on my kiddos all day so I don't really put much on my lips other than lip balms. I go for the balms that are either unscented or have very mild scents. I love EOS balms but this one is a game changer for me. It makes my pout so purdy! It boosts my natural lip color without depositing any kind of color - NADA - on my lips. Because that is exactly what it is - a freaking LIP BALM! I don't know guys. This one is just pure magic on my lips and I don't really know how to describe it to you other than tell you that you need it in your life. It's a lot like my old favorite, Dior Addict Lip Glow, but that thing is $33.00! This lip balm is ten bucks cheaper ($23.00) and I think works better than Dior. Oops I totally went there. My husband's wallet appreciates the Clarins discovery. Kind of.

Eyelash Extensions & Henna Eyebrows - So this is legit - my #1 summertime craving. If you know anything about what FL summers are like and how unpredictable storms and showers just pop out of the sky whenever - then you know why I am craving this. Raccoon eyes and melted, smeared eye makeup and liner. I'm ready to chuck my mascara and brow gel out the window and say buh-bye. My straight-ass Asian eyelashes also wants to kiss my eyelash curler goodbye too. Can you imagine how much easier it's going to be for me to wake up with perfectly curled, long, lush, glamorous eyelashes and fabulous groomed eyebrows?! My eyebrows are gonna be on FLEEK! Wait, did I even use that word right?! I just learned what "on fleek" meant 3 weeks ago. Cue selfie and hashtag: #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS. Haha! Maybe. Stay tuned. ;)

What are y'all craving for summer?! Tell us!

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