Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DIY | Hangover Recovery Kit

Today we are sharing some recovery kit's that we made for Amanda's sister's best friend's bachelorette party. Still with us on that? LOL, ok good! Her sister, Audrey, has the extreme honor of being the MOH (maid of honor) and so she gets the fun responsibility of throwing together the bachelorette party and all the goodies that go along with it. Lucky ducks are going to Key West! Amanda, being the wonderful big sister that she is, decided to give little sis a hand in putting together the party favors. Audrey actually lives in Buffalo, NY whilst we are all down here in sunny Florida, so it seemed easier to have these recovery kit bags done and ready here in FL so she doesn't have to check a couple of suitcases for her flight.

Now being the experienced big sisters that we are - we pretty much took over this project and stayed up late this past Saturday evening - crafting, stuffing, and having a blast with these kits. All we had to do was throw on the Frozen DVD to preoccupy the kiddos, and we were golden. Team assemble!

We initially saw the idea for this kit on, wait for it...PINTEREST! I mean come on, are you that surprised? Ha! Where would we be without that site these days?! Of course, there are different variations that you could make to this recovery kit, perhaps for a bachelor party, or even putting together a recovery kit for a friend who is under the weather, or a new mama. Anyways, enough rambling, here is OUR version of a hangover recovery kit. 

Items we included in the kit:
Tissues - someone is destined to cry.
Tylenol - because there will be headaches.
Alka Seltzer - and there will be sore, sore bodies.
Purell - germs are all around us!
Bandaids - apparently drunk people fall. A lot.
Listerine Strips - morning after/tequila breath is just not cute.
Colgate Wisps - seriously, you're going to need all the help you can get.
Chapstick - don't let those lips suffer from dehydration.

And we packaged everything up in the cutest tiny canvas bags with handles, found at Michaels. Don't forget your coupon! Print out or pull it up on your mobile device.

Loot pile. Can you believe the kids didn't touch most of this?! Thank you Frozen DVD! ;)
Practicing labeling on paper first! We decided to go with cursive.
We loved how these turned out! We hand wrote them on the cutest tiny canvas bags.
The goods that went into each recovery kit bag.
Assembling! We secretly wanted to keep a recovery kit for ourselves.
TA DAH! Finished recovery kits. A staged photo complete with booze was just necessary. Plus the fur.

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