Monday, June 15, 2015

We Tried That DIY | Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

By Amanda. Something new we want to bring to our blog is a series called "We Tried That DIY". There are so many Pinterest boards and crafts out there that are fun to dream about doing but actually doing it can either result in a wonderful new show piece for your home, or a complete train wreck.

So as of late I've become obsessed with plant hangers. Every time I see one made via another blog or pinterest I'm like YESSSS take me to Michaels. When I saw this one from A Beautiful Mess I knew I had to try it. It seemed easy enough, creative, and not expensive. Follow me on my journey to my very first (and definitely not last) plant hanger...

First, supplies. I ordered the clothes line from Amazon (everything will be linked below). Then I grabbed the copper piping, and ceiling toggles from Home Depot. Lastly were these little sons of guns wooden beads from Michaels.

I say "sons of guns" because epic fail in 3...2...1...

The hole doesn't go all the way through. Who makes a bead with a half hole?! I went back to Michaels and found wooden beads that barely strung through the clothes line. I recommend ordering them from the link I provided below.

 Tiny helper hands...yeah "helping"

 She's hilarious.

First you want to cut your rope into (3) 10ft pieces. Then fold the entire thing in half and tie a loop knot at the top (that's where it'll hang from).

Next, divide your rope into three sections with two pieces of rope in each section. Start placing your copper tubing and wooden beads in whatever pattern you like.

Make sure after you complete a section you tie a loop knot with those two pieces of rope to keep your beads in place.

Once you are done adding your embellishments, you are going to start knotting two pieces of rope from different sections to create a tube. You'll take the left rope from one section and tie it to the right section, and continue until they are all connected. And repeat the same knotting effect toward the bottom of the rope.

Make sure you tie a big loop knot at the bottom to hold the pot in place. You can either cut the excess rope to make it all even or leave them staggered to give it a more homemade effect.

 Have husband do the hard work.

And Voila! Not bad for my first try. I think the more you play around with it the better they will turn out, but I like it and my lavender likes his new home.

I would definitely recommend this DIY. It was fun, and it allowed me to be creative and make my work space that much more special to me. 

Here's what you'll need:

Wooden Beads
(I bought my wooden beads at Michaels and they were all wrong!)
I hope you give it a try too!

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