Friday, June 19, 2015

Petit Home | Gallery Wall Love

We've noticed that gallery walls have become hugely popular in the last couple of years. If you log on to Pinterest, chances are you'll see a couple of pins featuring them. The great thing about doing one of these is that they can be anything. Really! Anything from family photos, paintings or masterpieces your petit ones made, vinyl covers, vintage finds and artwork that you've collected. We've seen some amazing gallery walls done with post-its, scrapbook paper, washi tape and even a whole hodge-podge mix of a variety of things. It can also fill an empty wall that you may have in your home that you really aren't sure what to do with. There's no rhyme or reason to them, and you can get creative with the pattern and just have fun with it. It's also a great way to display any beautiful family heirlooms if you don't want to keep them in storage boxes collecting dust. Aunt Elinor's hand embroidered silk napkins? Frame one and put it up in the gallery wall! Grandma Jane's blanket that she knitted for you when you were just a babe and you've saved it all these years? You can hang that with a small curtain rod and have it be the centerpiece! Jess has a real knack for creating such a wall and she's been filling her space with them for years. We're sharing some photos of our own take on gallery walls in our homes. We do apologize in advance for some of the grainy quality of the iPhone photos! What are some things that you like to see in gallery walls?

Olivia's gallery wall! We love the woodland theme so much in her room!
Oh hi Mickey Mouse! Another peek at Olivia's amazing gallery wall in her bedroom.
Amanda found this gorgeous butterfly keepsake at a local fleamarket!
More amazing prints!
An oldie but goodie gallery wall from one of Jess's apartments!
Another one of Jess's gallery walls, flanked by leaning bookcases.
Edison's masterpieces. Jess needs more walls!
More kiddo art. Edison painted that giant E canvas!

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