Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh hey girlll...HAYYYYY!!

How you doin?! Did you miss us? Cause we missed bloggin' - fo sho. Ok, we totally missed you guys too! I mean, this blog wouldn't be the bombdiggity unless you're actually reading the stuff we like to blog about, right?! 

So MUCH has happened since the last time we hit up this space. We totally slacked, though not intentionally! Sorry! But as you all probably know, blogging is some hard work! And with kids, husbands, dirty laundry and what not, it's hard to keep up. But hey we're back! Do you like our new look? We thought the confetti effect made for more fun. Cause honestly, that's what we're trying to be more of these days - FUN! Would you stop reading if we said YOLO? Ha! But in all honesty, we're excited to be back here and sharing with y'all. We've made a promise to one another that we're going to be committed to the blog and posting regularly, and we're hoping you hold us to it. So drop us a line if we start slacking, yea? 

Anyways, back to where we were going with this - now that you've seen our new look, our vow to post regularly, and how we're trying to be fun and all...we've added a new sweet babe to our petit brood too! Madeline Elinora was born on January 30, 2015! Wahoo, three petit ones for the win! You can imagine our outings are a bit of chaos, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Jess is still trying to convince Amanda on baby # 2, but she isn't having any of it. ;)

And while we could totally tell you what went down in our lives while the blog was on hiatus, wouldn't it just be better if we showed you? Commencing photo dump in 3, 2, 1...

Mamas night out | Macarons + Orangina at Le Macaron
Totally embracing chic "mom hair"
From (L) to (R) - Hospital room selfie waiting on Madeline - a week overdue! | Madeline finally arrives! | Edison being the best big brother loving on his baby sister. | Proud daddy!
Heart eyes for tiny top knots on tiny tots | What Costco trips look like with three kiddos | Tube slides + static electricity
Baby leggings! Baby jeggings from Walmart! | Kardashian Kids leopard pajamas for baby - twinsies - BTW this photo was featured by Kardashian Kids Instagram and got 27,000+ LIKES! We Instagram famous - CHEA!
Edison using the belly as a snack table | Jess with her kiddos! Wearing PINK!
Florida living! From (L) to (R) - Typical FL storm clouds, a regular sight during the summer months! | The cutest sand baby we ever did see | Sand baby part 2 | Beach selfies, clearly Edison was not about it
Healthy food stuffs - Avocado toast | Justice family homegrown blueberries | Savory oatmeal bowls
And the REAL good foods, because - We finally have a Culvers! | You want fries with that Mama? | Compartes. YASSSS.
The Justice Clan | Vacations include visits to Rifle Paper Company
Amanda and her lovebug
From (L) to (R) - Halloween cuties! | Staying hydrated | When a boy dresses himself and poses for pictures | Foam pits FTW

PHEW! You made it to the end! Thanks for reading! Now we need to get back to creating fun blog stuffs so you'll keep coming back! :)

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