Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fête | Julie and Justin's Circus Themed Baby Shower

By Jess. We are so excited to share this new series on the blog with y'all! We are calling it Fête, which in the French language means (n) a celebration or festival / (v) to honor or entertain someone. In this part of the Fête series we're sharing lots of parties, celebrations and events - and who knows, maybe one day we'll throw down a huge fête of our own and you can come have some food and drink on us! Haha! We'll keep dreaming. ;)

Anyways, back to the fun stuff! We aren't ones to turn down a good celebration, and we're definitely not turning down the ones where we get to celebrate a beautiful mama-to-be and her soon-to-be arriving sweet petit babe! Julie and Justin are truly the sweetest. One of the most genuine couples I know. They have been patiently waiting for their time to become parents, and I know they're going to be an amazing powerhouse parental team to their baby girl Emilia. She is one lucky babe. And I mean, can I just take a moment here to gush over that name?! Love it! Though, I have been meaning to ask Julie, as would any die hard Game of Thrones fan, if her chosen baby name has anything to do with Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen?! I've got to ask her!* I mean, if so, a Khaleesi onesie might be in order, and I may have to get Julie a Mother of Dragons shirt! Ha! (BTW we both have no words for this last season's finale...I mean << SPOILER ALERT >> I am sure that Julie and I are both in grieving mode at this point! That is, until baby Emilia arrives!!

So if you're grieving the loss in the finale of GoT season 5, please allow me to cheer you up with Julie and Justin's freaking amazing circus and carnival themed baby shower. Because it really is pretty darn amazing! Babies make everything better, especially when Emilia finally makes her arrival. She could be a future Khaleesi you know? ;)

*Update! So I was able to catch up with this lovely mama and ask her how they decided on baby Emilia's name! Because I like to think that Julie and I are GoT soul sisters, I was just about spot on with my assumption! Here's what she had to say:

"We were going for Emma, but it was so common and I also love the name Emily & Leah, but Emilia was a great mix of all the names I like without it being too common! And it is inspired from Emilia Clarke's name!! I love GoT too much. Lol!"

I am right there with you mama - GoT fo lyfe. Congratulations Julie and Justin! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. Now, we wait. Emilia is coming. ;)

Julie looking amazing! Isn't that an adorable baby bump?!

I mean - isn't this just amazing?!

What a buncha party animals! Don't you love how they're dressed?

Love, love, love that maternity photo of Julie! So beautiful!
E is for Emilia! I love how that giraffe is also ready to party!
And that cake topper. I mean, come on! Too much cuteness.

Baby Emilia, you are one very loved baby girl!
And hey remember this fun project we featured on the blog - baby's first alphabet book? We were so thrilled that Julie and Justin had this at their baby shower, and they totally made it so much better! Of course being the Brights we picked the letter "B" and went with some snazzy looking balloons. Can't wait to see how other guests put together the rest of the alphabet!

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