Sunday, April 13, 2014

Toddler Approved Easter Baskets

So Easter is just around the corner y'all! Now that Olivia is 19 months old, I feel like I can get her more involved this year. When I grew up, Easter baskets were loaded with candy, candy, and more candy - which is why I had cavities galore. I feel in this day and age with so many new and amazing products out there, we can do a better one for our kids. So I'm going to throw out some idea's for you that I have put together for my darling daughter's first "official" Easter basket.

Bath time is one of our favorite times at night in our household. Olivia becomes so animated and energetic the instant her tush hits that water. What better treat to add to her basket than bath time paints and playdough?! Target's One Spot had Crayola bath paints in an assortment of colors. I thought it was beyond perfect for Olivia's toddler approved basket. And these bath rolls from Lush are so much fun! I've used them in the past and we loved how it tinted the water and made bubbles. Not to mention it can also be used as shampoo and body wash. It's a complete package in playdough-esque form!

Another fun treat to throw in a basket is the P'kolino Mess Eaters Artist Journal. I've been admiring this brand for a long time now, and I've never bought anything from them until a recent trip to Target where I was scouring aisles, and out of the corner of me eye I see this brand tucked into a corner of the kids bedding section. P'kolino makes a variety of products for children, from furniture to toys and they're so fun and colorful!

One thing I love about Target is their One Spot. Once I'm in there I'm hooked and I walk out with a basket full of goodies that I may or may not need. The Disney Grab-and-Go play packs are such a great solution to keep that cranky tot happy while out or on-the-go. I'm totally that mom that whips out my iPhone and puts on Special Agent Oso at the table if we go out to eat. These packs are really good for keeping Olivia entertained and happy without needing to resort to the iPhone every time.

I've challenged myself this year to think outside the box (or basket if you will) and make Olivia's basket worth more to her than bad teeth and tummy aches. There are so many fun things that you can throw into a basket that will be cherished longer. From a great DVD, to sidewalk chalk, comic books, sunglasses, to bath toys, or organic snacks. Your options are limitless!

Please share with us any unique basket fillers you've used for your petit ones!!

3. Goldfish snacks (cute cartons in Target Easter aisle) 
6. Disney Grab-&-Go play packs (found in your local Target's One Spot)
 7. Crayola Bath Time Finger Paints (again, Target One Spot) 
 9. Hello Kitty socks (Target One Spot) 
10. Fox Easter basket from Target!

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