Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY: Spring Craft - Rainbow Clouds

Ah...Spring. A season that brings plenty of excitement - and the season where the weather can actually be a real mood enhancer. Especially for those of us who live in states where the winter was brutal, and you can't wait to pack away all those heavy coats and warm things and say hello to some lighter layers. And spring dresses + bare legs + sandals...what's not to love?! (Here's hoping that you remembered to shave your legs from the long winter hibernation months. Ha!) Plus, let's enjoy this weather now before we're all sweating buckets come summertime! 

Today we're excited to share with you a super easy and super adorable craft - rainbow clouds! The best kind of happy craft to kick off the season! Edison had a great time reciting the colors of the rainbow (he might be a tad young to grasp the ROYGBIV concept) but he really enjoyed putting the rainbow together like a puzzle! And whenever there's a glue stick in sight, you can pretty much bet that this kid is on board. And note that our rainbow is not quite accurate, since mama only had 6 of the 7 shades readily available in her construction paper pad - dang you indigo, dang you. But folks, 6 outta 7 ain't bad, right? ;)

Also, did we mention that this craft can pretty much be made with items you probably already have at home? Easy right?! Let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:

- construction paper (we got our paper pad at the Dollar Tree!)
- scissors (probably best if an adult handles the cutting for this project, unless you have a skilled little one who can master kiddo scissors!)
- glue or a glue stick (we used glue for the clouds and the glue stick for the rainbow strips)
- cotton rounds
- plain or printed cardstock paper / sheet of construction paper / colored paper (for background)

Here's what to do:
Using the scissors, cut out the u-shaped rings of the rainbow in their respective order (see below) and be sure to make each following color u-ring smaller so that they can fit nicely underneath one another once you start stacking them. We found it best to trace the bottom of the larger ring onto the next colored construction paper sheet to use as a guide. It doesn't have to be perfect! Really, it doesn't! We eyeballed most of our cuts and they turned out pretty quirky - just the way we like! ;)
(*missing in our rainbow - we didn't have this colored paper in our construction paper pad! Bummer.)

 Next, using the scissors, cut the cotton rounds into cloud shapes! This is super easy! We just trimmed along the inside edge of the cotton round to give it a cloud shape. Again, no need for perfection here! We promise you that your kiddo won't be bothered if your clouds look more nimbostratus  than cumulus. ;) And can we just stop and admire how much more awesome these cotton round clouds look in comparison to cotton ball clouds? I mean, we're digging the texture here. They're pretty close to the real deal in our opinion.

Now, begin assembly! Lay the rainbow strips on the table and let your little one assemble it like a puzzle! We had a lot of fun learning the colors of the rainbow (with mama showing Edison what indigo looks like via iPhone!) and learning about the sizes, from largest to smallest.

Happy boy right here! He was so proud to be able to put it together and identify all of the colors! :)

Once the rainbow pieces are arranged, glue away! We used a blue chevron printed cardstock paper as our background, but any type of paper will do!

Lastly, glue on the cotton round clouds below the rainbow (we used the glue for these guys) - and VOILA! Pretty and happy rainbow!

This little cutie so proud of his rainbow! 

We hope you enjoy crafting this adorable rainbow with your petit ones! Enjoy! :)

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