Friday, March 7, 2014

Well, hello again! And a thrifty post to make up for it...

To our fellow readers,

Our sincerest of apologies to our sweet readers who have checked this little blog of ours only to find major hiatus, like, major. I mean, since our last post was in December?! GASP!! Can we say major neglect?! Truly sorry folks! Life has a real mean way with time. It loves to move it real fast and before you know it you're three months past your new year's resolutions, and half of what you told yourself you were going to do is still sitting stale in your mental list. I mean, it happens to the best of us right? And it's so mean that it goes by even faster once you have kids. They weren't kidding when they said time was precious (and mean). Anyways, don't even let me get started on that one. We hope that we are forgiven? Cause we aren't above bribery you know? ;) And to conclude this apologetic-let's-get-this-show-back-on-the-road rant, we're kicking off our status update with a new thrifty post. Ready? Here we go...

So, I've been on a real mission to hunt down one-of-a-kind knick knacks for our home. Lately, it feels like I've been hitting the home decor jackpot. Can we say yea?! While I love all of the latest and greatest from West Elm, CB2, Anthropologie, ooh and the Nate Berkus line at Target...but our budget is not really allowable for those things unless they go on super clearance. Which we all know most times those things are sold out before they can even get marked down. *sigh*

So here are some fun things I've found so far, and even some cute things for little man. He needs to get rewarded for his excellent behavior on these thrifting excursions with his mama, right? ;)

After seeing this plate and reading what it said, true story by the way...I was not going to pass this up! We've already shared a few laughs with friends and family when we whip it out for cheese and crackers during dinners. It makes me really happy cause it knows how I feel. Ha!

This piece just speaks to my mid-century loving insides. And we always have fresh fruit in the house, so this little piece was just the right thing (might I add beautiful) for holding all that good-for-you fruit.

Okay, so I'll be honest here. I bought this awesome retro tray in hopes that my husband will serve me breakfast in bed more often. HA! In my dreams right? I mean, I shouldn't say it that way. He is such a good man to me, and he's not really a breakfast guy, but he has on occasion brought me some eggs and toast in bed. And now when he does, this tray will be handy. More importantly, he's brought me my coffee in bed. 'Nuff said. He knows what turns me on. ;) But for now, it's going to hold essentials we reach for everyday in the kitchen. I've been wanting a neat tray (like this CB2 one) to corral the stuff we go for daily (vitamins, coffee, tea) and have it on the counter next to one another so we remember to take them. And I mean, clear acrylic (could pass for lucite!) AND colorful triangles?? I think we're winning here.

Oh these babies. They really make me content. At first, my MIL and saw these on our weekly trip to our favorite thrift store. When I saw them my heart skipped a beat and when I picked them up and saw the $8.00 price tag on each of them, I said in much dismay I wasn't going to pay $16.00 for both of these guys, cute as they were. I simply would wait until the store had their customer appreciation day at the first of the month when the whole store is 50% off. It was two weeks away but I would keep my fingers crossed. Come two weeks later and me forgetting all about them - my sweet, sweet MIL (have I mentioned how much I adore her?) walked in the house while I was having breakfast with my brother's girlfriend, and she set these brass beauties on the table before my stunned eyes. Of course, I gave her the biggest hug and many thank yous - asking and hoping she didn't pay full price for them. Nope. She got them for 50% off because someone moved them to the Christmas section of the store, which is always 50% off. Sure she had to hunt for them, but man, I'm so glad she found them for me and got them for me at half off! I love her. And it does make sense that these would totally be in the Christmas decor aisle, but if you're like us, we're a sucker for anything deer related, stag, antlers...and would totally display it year round. Just like Valentine's day decorations. Hearts and love are always in, right?

After spending a weekend down at my parents house, I needed a little break while my little man was napping. So my hubby sent me out to the Salvation Army by their house. He so gets me. :) I always love to check out the kiddo section where the toys/games/books are, and to my surprise, this brand-new, still in the box, never-been-opened Fisher Price cash register was just sitting there. For $1.99. $1.99 FOLKS! Of course I snagged this for my little guy, and later I looked it up and it was going for ridiculous amounts of money on Amazon and selling for at least $20.00 and up on ebay. AND I scored a vintage Fendi for myself on this day too, but we'll save that for another future Thrifty post. I was really feeling blessed by the thrifting gods that day.

And this stack of children's books is not even a fraction of what we have acquired from thrifting. I'm really grateful that Edison is really into reading, and it brings both my husband and I, and his grandparents, great joy in sitting and reading books to him. We often find him sitting among a pile of books, and he loves to bring them to you, sit in your lap, and just be read to. He recently started memorizing a favorite book - I Love You by Chuck Murphy (also thrifted) and has started reading it to us. I still get chills knowing that I have a two and half year old who can memorize the lines and pictures in this book and read it back to you. I guess we must be doing something right? ;) But we've really been able to grow and expand his library with these thrifted books. I've always found them at such great deals, the local thrift store near us always has the best selection, and they usually mark children's books at 10 for a dollar, or 5 for a dollar. I mean, at 10-20 cents a book, that's like stealing! Poppin' tags on children's books - fo sho.

Hopefully after reading this, you'll want to make a trip to the nearest thrift store and take a gander, do some digging, and find some real gems. Happy hunting folks! :)

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