Friday, March 14, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Finds for Petit Ones

Now that we are parents (with kids still little enough to let us dress them without an opinion! Ha!) - we kinda get into it with the fun of festive holiday wear. We'll admit, we were never that big on St. Patrick's day before, but now we're all about bringing out the greens and golds. Dressing our petit ones has become one of our favorite things to do! There really are so many fun holiday items, and yes, like we mentioned before, we get sucked into all that cutesy-pie stuff for all of the holidays. And as our husbands would probably like to say to each other:

"Keep them out of the seasonal aisle at Target!"

Though, we're pretty sure they'd like to keep us out of Target, period. ;)

As promised, here is a collection of our favorite kiddo things for St. Patrick's day for the lucky petit ones in your life. We had a lot of fun rounding up all of that green, gold and rainbow! Enjoy!

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