Friday, March 14, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Finds for Mama

Are you that person that at least makes an attempt to wear some sort of green on Saint Patrick's day to avoid getting pinched by the masses? Or do you just wing it, sans nothing green? Well, we have to admit that now that we have petit ones of our own, we kinda take every holiday seriously now. So we do put on the green, and do the same for the kids. And yes, yes we do fall prey to all the marketing ploys and sometimes cave into buying some cutesy themed holiday items for our kiddos. But guess what? Today's collection of favorite finds is for us mamas - or that lucky favorite woman in your life! Hope you enjoy this fun little collection of green and gold themed faves for Saint Patrick's day. Stay tuned for an adorable themed version for the petit ones in your life, too. :)

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