Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY: Bonjour Ladies Painted Tee

If you're anything like us, we kinda swoon over anything that slaps happy French phrases on it. It just sounds so très chic and we absolutely adore the French language. Jess took French back in the day but we're both still learning it over here. It's true what they say, when you don't use it you lose it. We're working on it. ;)

If you can recall the Bonjour sweatshirt DIY that we did last winter, this DIY is pretty much the same concept. Feel free to add whichever phrase that you like, you don't have to write out "bonjour ladies" - it can be any phrase that your heart desires! We've seen adorable versions of tees like this "Hola Ladies" one by Ay Caramba, or this Je T'aime tee by Whistle & Flute.

Note that you can also use a pocket tee if you prefer to write something on the pocket for a smaller scale, and you can see that we just used a solid cotton tee and wrote the phrase across the front center.

Here's what you'll need:

- Solid color cotton tee (can be pocket or no pocket) - be sure to pre-wash for best results! We found ours at Target and Walmart in the clearance section :)
- White chalk
- Fabric paint markers, we used Uchida DecoFabric Paint Markers (be sure to use a fabric marker that's suitable for both dark and light fabrics)
- A piece of cardboard, we just used a cereal box since it was the best size to slide underneath a pint sized tee!

Here's what to do:
You'll want to slide the cardboard / cereal box inside of the tee to help prevent the fabric marker from bleeding through the tee when you begin writing with it.

Use the white chalk to freehand the saying or phrase that you'd like. If you mess up, or don't like how it turns out, no worries, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth or paper towel and start over! Part of the charm of this tee is that it's not perfect, and you can make the letters look how you want.

*Note* If you really want to get a specific font, use a program like Microsoft Word to type out the saying, print it out (the stiffer the paper the better, like card stock), and use an X-Acto knife to cut out the saying and use it as a stencil. Pin the stencil to your sweatshirt and fill in with the fabric marker, or paint in with fabric paint and a brush.

Once you've got the phrase written out the way that you'd like, prep your fabric paint marker. We always like to have a sheet of paper near by to test out the paint flow from the marker tip before letting it touch the shirt. Trust us, you don't want to deal with those paint blobs! ;) Begin writing over the chalk lines. We threw in some stars for some fun!

To make the saying stand out a little, we suggest a second coat of the fabric paint marker. You can see below how much of a difference it makes!

Once complete, let your tee dry for 12-24 hours. Then you'll want to "heat set" it by turning it inside out and throwing it in the dryer for a few minutes. You can even wash and dry after allowing the fabric paint pen to dry completely! Below are some photos of Edison modeling the tee, and being a sweetheart offering his mama some flowers. Since the weather was a bit chilly the day we took the photos, we layered it with a colorful button down and a gingham bow tie. 


We hope you have fun making this DIY tee for the petit ones in your life!

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