Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for The Dudes and Ladies in Your Life

EEK!! Christmas is FIVE DAYS AWAY!!

Hopefully most of you have already gotten some, or all, of your holiday shopping done. Or perhaps, like most, are doing some last minute scrambling! Stay tuned this weekend - we're going to load in some awesome AND affordable DIY hacks for gifts, and don't worry, you can get them all done before Christmas morning. Cause you know, some people just work better under pressure anyways. ;)

Until then, here is a gift guide for the dudes and ladies in your life. 

Now if you're shopping for hubby, dad, grandpa, brother, boyfriend, uncle, and etc. - this gift guide has a little something for everyone!

For one, that Sriracha t-shirt is pretty awesome for pho night, or in our opinion, pretty awesome any dang time. For the baseball fans in your life, this American Needle baseball cap is really hitting the trend with their camo and tribal prints while repping your fave teams. And we actually can't wait to get our hands on playing the Cards Against Humanity game. Fair warning though...their disclaimer is actually "the party game for horrible people". And upon reading the Amazon reviews, it's like the naughty, R-rated version of Apples to Apples. We'll take it! ;) And in case you haven't noticed the fox trend show up in our last two gift guides, we're ready to deck the men in our life with a little ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding - or these fox socks and fox pajama pants from Tarzhay. The MagLite is always a trusty necessity, and can equally be used as a weapon (you didn't hear that from us). And in case your man is a little leary of toting around a diaper bag, no matter how dude-ly it looks, outfit him with a classic Fjällräven Kånken backpack in his favorite color to tote around dad things (or a laptop), and keep him hydrated with the CamelBak. For classic gifts, you can never go wrong with a timeless Tok Tok designs bow tie, or a two-tone timepiece like the Timex Men's expansion watch. Because it's two tone, it goes with everything and is really a must-have accessory for every man. Did we mention that it's an expansion band? So no messing around with removing or adding links. And, this timepiece is totally swipe-able for your own accessories wardrobe. Yes, we are fully admitting we totally took this from the men's department for ourselves and stack the shizz out of it with arm candy. And it looks preeeettttyyy fly.

And here, for the wife, mother, grandma, sister, girlfriend, aunt, etc. and such - first things first, we don't think any lady in your life would be mad at you for gifting her some booze, provided she is of legal drinking age! ;) Wine is fabulous, and Coppola Sofia Riesling comes in a pretty bottle and it tastes yummy. And in case you were worried about hydration and that sort, CamelBaks can help there too. We won't judge the person if they fill it with wine instead of h20. Our très chic friend Kristen recently gifted us this amazing Honest Body Oil, and we've been slathering it up on ourselves and on the kiddos post-bath time. It's also great for expecting mamas and their growing bellies, or if you need your man to work out those knots and kinks in your back. Yes, we said get out the kinks, not get kinky. Get yo' mind out the gutter. Ha! As for baubles, we really love Alex and Ani bangles and how they stack so beautifully with a watch or other bracelets, and Kendra Scott's statement earrings always leave us drooling. Ok, so maybe just Jess drooling. And for the girly / princess wannabe / mama love side in all of us, Butter London has an online only limited edition Royals Collection trio of shades inspired by the arrival of the royal baby. Prince William, or adorable baby Prince George, not included. Since we live in Florida, where 80 degree weather in December is the norm, we can't exactly wear knee high boots or wool scarves without looking pathetic, so these chic and sparkly Unionbay Emma booties and an H&M tribal print lightweight scarf will have to do. We try. And to tote it all up (you know we love good totes around here), Tory Burch's ex-hubby knows his stuff, cause we're loving up on the C. Wonder Mini Nylon Easy Tote. And can we stop and adore this Lulu by Lulu Guinness bow wallet?! It looks very Kate Spade-ish, don't ya think?! But for much less moula, YAY! Happy shopping folks! :)

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