Friday, October 11, 2013

Thrifty: Perfectly Worn-In Denim Jackets for $5.00 or LESS!

We are excited to start this new series on our blog and share with you the items that we find for our closets and our homes, and inspire you to do some perusing of your own in your favorite thrift store, local garage sale, and even Craigslist. Hope you find some treasures!

If you're like us, we can't say no to adding a goes-with-anything denim jacket to our wardrobe. The price tag on those babies make our hearts say "yes! buy it!" but the wallet (and the hubby) say "no". Most times though, you get that perfect denim jacket, and it takes a few good months, maybe even years, of solid wearing to get that perfect, well-worn-in fit and feel to them. Because of our budgets - we've learned to be resourceful in feeding our fashion cravings, so we sometimes shop for clothes at garage sales and thrift stores. Our favorites range from the smaller, local thrift stores, to large scale thrift stores like The Salvation Army. Today we're here to tell you to NEVER spend big money on that denim jacket! Since the perfect denim jacket can easily put you out of $50.00 to $100.00 or more - and take a few times of wear and wash to get that worn-in feel, wouldn't you want to spend less and already have the worn-in feel done for you? Get your butt in a thrift store, now! But before we get your hopes up, it might take some time to find the right one. We all know denim jackets are not the same - no bedazzle, funky sleeves or collars for us please! Don't get discouraged if you don't find one right away. It may take a few visits to a few different thrift stores, and we promise, these denim gems are out there!

We've found quality brands of denim jackets, like Levi's, Old Navy, Gap, French Toast, and even mini versions of great brands for our littles. And we have NEVER paid more than $5.00 for one. Also, if your local thrift store offers an extra savings day - CHA-CHING - more money saved! Our local Salvation Army offers an extra 25% off of everything in the store on Wednesdays, and though you have to fight the crowds on that day, the stuff you can find for little money is well worth cart crashing into someone's grandma. We're kidding, we're not that mean. ;)

Here are some of the denim gems we've found thrifting. Happy hunting and get to poppin' those tags. *We mean the Macklemore lyric. ;)

Levi's Denim Jacket
Gap Denim Jacket
Vintage Baby Gap Denim Jacket for the little
Vintage French Toast Denim Jacket for the little

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