Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY: Chore & Potty Chart Printables

Today I am sharing some insanely adorable FREE printables that help with chores and potty training. I know that kids can have select hearing when you ask them to do something, and it only gets worse as they get older! Thankfully, these printables have been an amazing tool for motivation around our house, and did I mention ADORABLE!?

So far, I've been using both of the charts for Edison - for basic toddler, age appropriate chores, and for his potty training. They've been working really, really well for us! I picked up a roll of stickers from the Dollar Tree in the school supply aisle, and little man gets so excited to place a sticker on his chart after he's completed a "chore" - all of which are pretty simple. Some of the "chores" we have listed on his chart are:

- Brushing teeth
- Picking up toys
- Helping mama & dada clean
- Help in cleaning his room
- Help walking the dog (more holding the leash)
- Staying in his bed (we have a snuggle bug on our hands who sometimes sneaks into our bed! I love my snuggle bug but can't have him doing that often! A well rested family is a happy family, right?) ;)

The mamas behind these printables (Tiffany & Michele) are seriously super talented! And the best part is that they have printable versions for a boy or a girl! You can fill in chores of your choosing, and add your kiddo's name to the potty training chart to personalize it.

Tiffany of Tiffany Collins Design has the printable for the chore chart here.

Michele of The Scrap Shoppe has the printable for the potty training chart here.

Hope you guys enjoy these amazing printables as much as Edison and I are! We're pretty thrilled to be filling them up with stickers and getting treats like ice cream, a small toy or surprise, and visits to the park when he completes them! If anything, it's actually turned him into a great helper around the house and anywhere we go. He always wants to step in to help and doesn't even fret about getting a sticker - making mama proud! We are also so happy that we found Tiffany Collins Design and The Scrap Shoppe, they have the most adorable families and LOVE their blogs! Stop by there soon!

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