Sunday, October 27, 2013

Deal Me: $5.00 OR Less Walmart Finds for the Home

Now that you've seen the $5.00 or less Walmart finds for the littles, here are some great and current finds for the home that we spotted at Walmart - all $5.00 or less also! While we were only able to hunt down a few adorable goods for this post (we had a wee one melt down in the toilet paper aisle) - we will be looking for other affordable and trendy goods on our next trip. Hope you still enjoy these! And check out that fabulous black & white chevron/zig zag/tribal throw blanket that Jess snagged for a whoppin' $2.88! She was not kidding when she posted that on her Instagram and said that Walmart knew what was up in throw blankets!

*Again we apologize for the photo quality (taken with iPhone) and we can't guarantee all Walmart stores (or will carry the same inventory that we spotted in our local Walmart. Happy hunting!

That adorable black & white trendy blanket! $2.88!
Mainstays fleece throw - $2.88
Fun and adorable prints! These could make great gifts if you need to buy for a lot of folks during the holidays, especially with the $2.88 price point and since cooler weather is here!
The black & white blanket in the center is the one Jess found and is the chevron/zig zag/tribal pattern
Fall themed table ware - $2.97
I mean, you can't really go wrong with those cute woodland animals, and apples are pretty cute too! We are envisioning these in our Thanksgiving spread!

Mainstays soft microfiber or satin pillowcases - $3.97
Polka dots, leopard print AND houndstooth?! Our beds will take two of each, please. These are really great pillowcases if you have solid bedding and need a nice pattern to break things up a bit. We do a lot of mix and matching of bedding separates, mostly because we like the look of print mixing!

Mainstays Aromabeads Lime Cilantro candles - $5.00
While we are loving all of the autumn themed scents right now, we are always drawn to the scent of herbs and citrus. These amazing candles are a soy wax blend, made in the USA, and smell absolutely divine. They are long lasting and burn clean, and are a nice refreshing scent when you want something a little less woodsy fruity, or floral. When you light these you might want a mojito...  :)

Hope you snag some of these goods at your local Walmart! :)

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