Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Deal Me: $5.00 or Less Walmart Finds for Littles

Hello readers!

We're excited to introduce this new series of posts to our Deal Me feature! Since we are big time bargain hunters and always looking for great and affordable finds for our homes and for our families, we want to share these finds with you so you can decorate your home and outfit your family within your budget! While we love trendy, modern things just as much as the next person, most times the price tag on those items make us cringe..."do you know how many diapers/wipes we could buy with that?! Or, "That's like a tank of gas/weeks worth of groceries/college tuition!!" I'm gonna pass!" - We're sure you can probably relate. ;)

So with that being said, we hope that you enjoy reading these posts as much as we love finding good deals and sharing with our readers!

First up - Walmart finds for your littles - all $5.00 or under! That's right - all FIVE BUCKAROOS and UNDER! We haven't checked to see if all of these items featured are available on Walmart.com, but with plenty of local Walmart stores around, we hope that you can find these in your store!

*Please note that we apologize in advance - these photos will lack in quality since they were taken with our iPhones!*

Faded Glory It's My Birthday fitted cotton pajamas - $4.98
How cute are these fitted cotton birthday pajamas? These would make a great gift for a little one who has a birthday coming up, and the best part is, it's a neutral enough style that a little girl could totally rock!
 Faded Glory Kaboom fitted cotton pajamas - $4.98
And speaking of a little girl, look at how adorable these Kaboom fitted cotton pajamas are! They remind us of the Boom sweatshirt that was designed by 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, only in a miniature version, and giving your little fashionista something stylish to wear for her jammies!

Healthtex printed leggings - $4.64
These printed leggings are too cute for words - we're a little jealous that they don't come in adult sizes so we can match our littles! And Jess is pretty bummed that these don't come in more boy friendly options - she's a firm believer in leggings for all littles in the 3 years and under circuit - provided they are gender neutral. ;) These are a great fall and winter staple since they are in a thicker polyester knit.

Garanimals Camo and solid color sweats - $3.88
Camo is always in in our book! We love a good camo print, and for $3.88 - how could you not stock up?! The sweatshirt and sweatpants are the softest, and they would work well for your little man, or for your little fashionista with skinnies and ballet flats! Though, we wouldn't necessary pair both sweatshirt and sweatpants at once...one piece at a time works for us!

Faded Glory canvas slip-on shoes - $5.00
These are such a great staple to have, they are classic canvas slip-on shoes, and because they're navy, they go with just about everything! You can always take a paint pen to these and add some cool designs or prints, and they have that great loop in the back - so great for when you need to put shoes on a wiggly toddler!

Parents Choice Snack and Formula Stacker - $2.68
You may remember the Zoli 'On the Go' Snack & Formula Dispenser from Jess's Mom Tote post, and those retail for around $15.00 at Nordstrom's! We found a trio version of the snack and formula stacker for a fraction of the cost, in adorable gender neutral colors, and they are BPA free! You could use some cute stickers to dress them up a bit for your littles.

Gerber Graduates sippy cups - $2.47
These are made in the USA. And what better way to show it with ones branded with the American flag or "Born in the USA!" We also can't get enough of the trendy mustache and glasses! So hipster. ;)

Fall themed woodland animals kiddos cups - $2.98
Raccoons, owls, foxes, bears?! We love this adorable goodness on a cup! 

Fall themed woodland animals dishware - $2.98
Once again - we're swooning over here, these dishes have done us in. And of all places...WALMART! Woodland animals are always our best friends, and we'd use these cuties for our kiddo's meals year round! We don't think they'd mind that either. ;)
Happy hunting guys!

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