Thursday, September 12, 2013

The MOM Tote: Jess

Hello fellow mamas!

We've decided to share with you some of our favorite things that we tote along in the ever elusive bag of mom tricks. We've always been amazed with what some mom's pack in their bags, and honestly, we love this sort of thing! It's always fun to see what other moms pack for their littles, what works for them, and what their kids absolutely love. Plus, it's nice to figure out what you really need and what can stay at home or in the car even. Not going to lie, when we first started as new mamas, we kinda packed the diaper bag with anything and everything. I mean, you just never know what can happen, right? I will tell you that I am forever grateful I always kept a change of baby clothes in my bag when Edison was still an infant. It happened during breakfast at a restaurant, in which I was happily bouncing baby E on my leg while eating with one hand - and then I smelled poop, and felt something warm on my leg. POOP! Leaking out of his diaper! Lucky for Edison - that morning he walked away with a fresh diaper and onesie covering his tush, and I had to walk out with jeans soaked on one side from attempted cleaning in the bathroom. Thanks to Amanda for being there with the extra set of arms to help. On a side note it might be good to keep extra clothes for yourself in the car. I'm not going to even mention shirts and leaky tatas while I was nursing. Oh the embarrassment! Those breast pads sometimes do nothing for you! Haha.

Now that Edison is a toddler, my mom tote has lightened up a lot. We are still working on the potty training thing, which you can read more about here, so we still carry the usual diapers & wipes. I still keep an extra change of clothes for him, but I stash those in the car with extra diapers and wipes. My boy snacks like it's his job, and the ZoLi on-the-go snack dispenser lets me stack a variety of snacks, without losing space in my bag! And being a mom of a toddler boy, I always have at least 2 car toys with me at all times, plus sunscreen. Oh Florida sunshine, we love you but sometimes you can be brutal. And bendy straws, I can't say enough good things about bendy straws. They're great for entertaining your little one at dinner, and great for when places have only straight straws, these are easier for kids to drink with. I love who ever invented the bendy straw. Here's a peek at our current favorites. :)

[7] Bendy straws!

(Sold out but you can find similar ones here)

Stay tuned for a post on Amanda's favorites for her and Olivia. Please share with us your favorite things in your mom bag or diaper bag!

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