Thursday, September 12, 2013

The MOM Tote: Amanda

Now that you've seen what Jess lugs around for her little man, onwards to my mom bag, er, luggage...or at least it feels like that since Edison and Olivia are a good year apart! We need a little more necessities in our arsenal. Eventually I would like to evolve to a tote bag, but for now, this Skip Hop diaper bag by Jonathan Adler is doing great things for us! It does however sometimes feel like I am still packing more than I need, but I'm figuring it out along the way as Olivia grows. As Jess mentioned earlier, we always stash extra diapers and wipes in our cars, and I always have these in my bag along with the essentials listed below.

My absolute must have at all times is the Honest Travel Wipes. Kids get dirty, it's a fact. ;) These wipes are all natural, gentle and durable - perfect for on the go. I really love the Honest line of products because they are suitable for families that are sensitive to a lot of the ingredients (sometimes harmful) that are in everyday products that you use. We use a lot of their other products besides their baby items, like their dish soap, baby wash and household cleaners because their products are safe and natural, not to mention better for the environment. Jess and I are really big on safe & green products to use, especially with our littles now. Oh, and teethers, teethers, everywhere all day every day. Poor baby girl is in that stage where she is starting to get her teeth in and she's been miserable. I really like the Vulli line of teethers, they are natural and adorable, and the textures really help soothe Olivia's sore gums and she loves the vanilla. I always make sure to carry a blankie, because you never know when the AC will be set to the frozen tundra (we are in FL by the way). The Aden + Anais line is great because they are light and breathable, and Olivia sometimes enjoys chewing on it. Here's a peek at some of our other favorites too:

Please share with us your favorite essentials that you carry in your mom bag or diaper bag. Stay tuned for a post on the things we carry for ourselves - after all who doesn't love a good beauty loot post right? ;)

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