Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let's get this thing started, shall we?

Hello! How exciting, a first post for us!

Thanks for stopping by and starting this adventure with us. Though we might be new to this and each only have *one* little (for now) - we're really excited to share what we have learned and are still learning in the parenthood life.

For starters, we're big bargain hunters, and we're pretty hands on when it comes to couponing (nothing extreme!) and getting our hands on any app that can help us save some money - and we wouldn't be good folks if we didn't share how we stretch the dollar and save along the way! Btw, bravo Target! We still can't get enough of your Cartwheel app! In addition to that, we're always scouring Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets and finding new ways to re-purpose and upcycle things for our home and our family's closets (and our own), and we are super stoked to share what gems we find and hope you can find your own treasures too. And if you have husbands like ours, who are quick to proclaim "you don't need to buy that. I can make that." Then you probably already know we'll have some fun DIY projects on here too. Don't worry, we'll make sure there's DIY projects that don't all involve man power. ;) We love involving our littles in just about everything (provided it's tot safe), so there will be lots of fun discoveries, local adventures, and maybe some traveling! 

We are total foodies, and we really value eating well and attempt to raise little foodies around here, so hopefully you and your family will enjoy some of the recipes we share! We love us some good beer and wine, and the occasional adult cocktail when it's been a rough week and you know you deserve it. So cheers to some of those recipes as well! 

But deep in our hearts, we are firm believers that if there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes you can't always control everything, and you have to let it go or move forward, especially when you have little ones who need you and depend on you. We've learned to make things work, to be resourceful, and to continuously challenge ourselves to be better parents to our littles. This motherhood thing has brought us closer than we ever thought possible, and for a while there, we had some tough moments, but we needed to get through those to be where we are now. And man, did we turn into some emotional people after we had our kids! We cry at everything, be it a sappy commercial or a really good fireworks show, and while we certainly want to blame it on the hormones or the fact that we are PMSing, we know it's because we are really blessed that we have little ones calling us mama and our hearts just can't handle it. :) And never in our lives did we think the subject of poop would come up as much as it does in our daily convos, and how much we fret over the little things like sanitizing everything in sight or over packing an already too-full diaper bag. We're getting the hang of it. ;)

So enough about that, let's get this thing started, shall we?  

For a little trip down memory lane, here are some photos of us from back in the day, before marriage, and before children. Let's hope we age well like a fine wine after our kids hit high school. Ha! ;)
At an art show in 2010 (left), and being goofy at Magic Kingdom in 2008 (right).
Jess (left), Amanda (right).
The time we both decided to chop off over 10" of our hair and rock the short locks.

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